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9th-Jan-2010 12:17 am(no subject)
Jay Park
Hi LJ, you've been good to me for the past 5 years of blogging but from now on everything is going to be privated only for my friends on here so no more public posts :)  I've moved somewhere else but this site will always be special to me!  Thanks for the HD jdramas, jpop/kpop performances and terabytes of music :)
29th-Dec-2009 09:28 pm(no subject)
MBLAQ Lee Joon smile
APRIL: i miss you bella desu (:
APRIL: lol i just want u to know that
APRIL: very much.. O_O
APRIL: giving u a LONNGGG piggy back ride anywhere u want (:
APRIL: the nxt time we meet again

YES<3 I love her piggy back rides up a hill :)
16th-Dec-2009 04:15 pm(no subject)
Jay Park
New rastberation?! :) Damn I need a colored printer asap, or just a printer in general ): Last final of the year is in an hour and I'm looking at Lee Joon pictures :/ But oh well, I'd rather be thinking of ideas to remodel my room now D:
1st-Dec-2009 01:21 am(no subject)
Jay Park
LN: i dont really mind it
LN: its cool cause i just wanna hang out with you
LN: know what i mean?
AP: LOL yeah i know what you mean (:
LN: (:
24th-Nov-2009 02:38 pm(no subject)
Jay Park

OHMAHHGAWD PERFECT! Elf ears, cute smile, chinky eyes, pale skin :)
I miss him so much, anyone down to go to Seattle? And my dad got me internet for my birthday after a week without it, wooo! Real post after playing some LIFE :)
31st-Oct-2009 02:44 am(no subject)
Jay Park

D: I loved it when his faux hawk was a little bit brown :)
& evisus<3 ; get a new pair or hem the legs a bit?
23rd-Oct-2009 12:21 am(no subject)
Jay Park

Christmas ! Can't wait until Target starts selling Christmas supplies! :)

IMISSHIM! ):  I wish he'll be back in 2PM by Christmas, that'd be the best present ever!
20th-Oct-2009 07:39 pm(no subject)
ღ froggy

Redid some of my walls and took down the H!S!J! posters with a big Jaebeom poster.  Sorry Takaki</3


Best Meal of the Week! I can eat this everyday until I OD from MSG ^ ^

85C Bakery! If you're ever in Irvine you must go here! They sell delicious bakery bread and dessert treats :)
Ate a whole person this weekend!  Socal always has yummy food!  It's so bad, but now I have to watch what I eat cause I've lost my muscles and now it's just fat LOL ; A ; My sister and I carpooled with her friends late on thursday so we got there at about 3AM?  My sister was talking the whole time but I managed to get a couple hours of sleep and some play time with Gardening Mama :) The whole weekend we just spent time with our sisters, eating, watching movies, sleeping and buying a ton of little things<3  I met the cutest shiba inu, but Kuma is always the best in my heart (;
11th-Sep-2009 06:23 pm(no subject)
Jay Park

Navi ft. Jaebeom(2PM) - My heart is injured (repeat & mix)

HIATUS, I don't know why Jay Park leaving 2PM has taken such a negative impact on me, but it has. In my heart I'm still denying the fact that Jay won't be a part of 2PM, cause I know he will be back. But in the meantime my heart still aches :( I can't focus on much right now and every time I go on the internet it's only to check on the status of Jaebeom, the Hottests are fighting and using our every will power to keep our heads up high. :) We love you Leadja Jaebeom!

27th-Jul-2009 03:16 pm - ღ 066
Jay Park

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